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Planning Commission Meetings


January 25th Minutes & Agenda

February 22nd (Public Hearing)

Special Meeting

Agenda & Public Hearing Agenda

Annual Report, WECS Draft, Resolution

Public Hearing

Minutes & Letter & Agenda 

Draft of Special Hearing Minutes, Comments, Letter 1, Letter 2

April 3rd (Special Meeting)

Foster Swift Template Solar Ordinance

Foster Swift Reviewed PC RL Wind Ordinance

Agenda & Minutes

April 26th Minutes & Agenda

Public Hearing AgendaNotice & DT Proposed WECS ordinance 4/2023, Public Hearing Minutes

June 14th (Special Meeting)

 Minutes & Agenda & Notice & Draft of Solar Ordinance

July 12th (Public Hearing) 

Notice & Solar Draft 6/15/23 & MinutesAgenda

July 12th Minutes & Agenda & Notice of Meeting Change

September 20th (Special Meeting) 

Special Meeting Notice & AgendaMinutes

September 21st Zoning Board of Appeals Special Meeting 

Notice & Draft of Minutes 

October 25th Minutes & Agenda

Special Meeting Minutes & Agenda & Public Hearing Notice 

November 29th Notice of Meetings

Public Hearing Minutes & Draft of Agenda 

Special Meeting Minutes & Draft of Agenda 


January 26th Minutes, Attachment & Agenda

March 30th Minutes & Agenda

April 27th Public Hearing Notice & Agenda & Minutes

May 25th Minutes & Agenda

July 27th Public Hearing Notice

July 28th Minutes & Agenda

October 26th Cancelled for lack of a forum


January 27th Minutes & Agenda   

April 14th Minutes & Agenda

April 28th Minutes & Agenda & Zoom Meeting

May 17th Minutes & Agenda &

Zoom Meeting-passcode ZQKbLZ7

July 28th Minutes & Agenda

September 29th Minutes & Agenda

October 27th Minutes & Agenda

December 8th Minutes & Agenda

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