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Upcoming meeting agendas or information about the next meeting will be posted here.  Check back for updated information.  

Meetings Held at Douglass Township Hall

3521 McBride Rd

Stanton, MI 48888

Township Board Meeting Minutes

Upcoming Meetings

Meetings are held on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 7:00 PM at the township hall.  


January 4th Minutes & Agenda

February 1st Minutes & Agenda

March 1st Minutes & Agenda

March 8th Budget Workshop Draft of Minutes

March 17th Public Hearing Budget Minutes & Special Meeting Minutes

April 5th Minutes & Agenda

May 3rd Minutes & Agenda

June 8th Minutes & Agenda

July 5th draft of Minutes & Agenda

August 2nd Draft of Minutes & Agenda

September 6th Minutes & Agenda

September 21st Special Meeting Minutes & Agenda

October 4th Draft of Minutes & Agenda

November 1st Draft of Minutes & Agenda

December 6th Minutes & Agenda

View Prior Years Meetings Here
2024 Schedule Here

Planning Commission Meeting Minutes

View Prior Years Meetings Here


January 25th Minutes & Agenda

February 22nd (Public Hearing)

Special Meeting

Agenda & Public Hearing Agenda

Annual Report, WECS Draft, Resolution

Public Hearing

Minutes & Letter & Agenda 

Draft of Special Hearing Minutes, Comments, Letter 1, Letter 2

April 3rd (Special Meeting)

Foster Swift Template Solar Ordinance

Foster Swift Reviewed PC RL Wind Ordinance

Agenda & Minutes

April 26th Minutes & Agenda

Public Hearing AgendaNotice & DT Proposed WECS ordinance 4/2023, Public Hearing Minutes

June 14th (Special Meeting)

 Minutes & Agenda & Notice & Draft of Solar Ordinance

July 12th (Public Hearing) 

Notice & Solar Draft 6/15/23 & MinutesAgenda

July 12th Minutes & Agenda & Notice of Meeting Change

September 20th (Special Meeting) 

Special Meeting Notice & Agenda & Minutes

September 21st Zoning Board of Appeals Special Meeting 

Notice & Draft of Minutes 

October 25th Minutes & Agenda

Special Meeting Minutes & Agenda & Public Hearing Notice 

November 29th Notice of Meetings

Public Hearing Draft of Minutes & Draft of Agenda 

Special Meeting Draft of Minutes & Draft of Agenda 

Upcoming Meetings

Meetings are held on the last Wednesday of the month at 7:00 PM in the months of January, April, July, and October at the township hall.

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